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More than 10 years experience combined in one property investment guide. A valuable tool for anyone interested in buying property in Turkey.


Experts in the market, the best deals and excellent service before, during, and after the sale is what characterizes 2Base Estate Agency.

2Base Staff

"2Base Estate Agency always gets all the way around your real estate investment. Our focus is not just on the sale, but even as much on the after sales service.

We offer a financially secure environment to ensure that you avoid local pitfalls. We give you the best deal and show you a wide selection of the best investment objects. We are there for you after your purchase and offer you all the advantages of a strong, large, international organization.

We are looking forward to assisting you safely and securely through your investment in a Turkish holiday home."

Bo Thygesen
Director, 2Base Estate Agency


At 2Base Estate Agency sales and service go hand in hand. See what our customers have to say about us.

Jørgen & Sonja Jørgensen

Our experience is that 2Base & My2Base is a good and trustworthy company.

Jørgen & Sonja Jørgensen
Claus & Jannie Rasmussen

2Base has always been reachable, flexible, helpful and guided us in the best possible way. They are listening to critics and taking actions according to it. 2Base is our "lifesaver" in Turkey, and we are satisfied with their performance.

Claus & Jannie Rasmussen
Lars Kleiveland

I am extremely satisfied :-)

Lars Kleiveland
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