Preparation is the key to a successful investment and this buyers guide provides you with valuable insight and information.
Buyers Guide
Buying a holiday home in Turkey is a very popular way for many people to combine a financial investment with an investment that friends and family can benefit from.
Turkey is a fantastic country and few other places offer such a wide variety of cultural experiences, genuine hospitality not to forget a fantastic climate. Add to all this a price level that is far below any other European country – not to forget easy, quick, cheap and all year round travel and flight opportunities.
All this gives you a setup that makes Turkey the perfect place for a perfect investment.

This Buyers Guide relates to all the important issues before, during and after the purchase of your very own holiday home.
Don’t forget that advices are often best when given personal. Therefore you should never hesitate to contact us and we are happy to answer whatever question you may have.

About 2Base Estate Agency
2Base Estate Agency is a Scandinavian owned real estate agency with many years of experience in the Turkish property market. We offer a wide selection of holiday homes, starting from smaller, inexpensive, one-bedroom apartments up to beach front units, luxury penthouses and fantastic villas.

We are very proud of our high level of service and through our close partnerships with developers, agencies and local partners we are there for you even long after the deal is completed.

We deal primarily with newer units from both developers and private sellers. Here we can guarantee the quality and high standard as well as shared facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym, etc.

We look forward to seeing you and your family
Candemir Özdemir, 2Base Estate Agency

As director of one of Turkeys largest real estate agencies Candemir Özdemir has been selling holiday homes to foreign buyers since the 2003. The many years of experience gives him a unique understanding of the real estate market, plusses and minuses of each property as well as the pitfalls that you as a buyer must be aware of.