Quality of a Turkish holiday home

Knowing what to expect when investing in your dream holiday home is important. Read on and find out about the quality of a Turkish holiday home.
The quality of a Turkish home is perhaps one of the most discussed subjects. Because how is the building quality actually in Turkey and which materials are used?

Can usually be compared with new European bathrooms. In Turkey there is a large selection of beautiful tiles, just like the quality of taps, elements, showers and so on are fully comparable with European standards.
Also modern amenities like spa and floor heating are available and often already installed. As a general rule bathrooms in Turkey nowadays are often bigger than in Europe.

Kitchen cabinets are usually made of MDF boards. They can be either painted / coated surface or the cheaper lamination.
The table tops are usually either marble or granite, both in high quality and exclusive appearance.

Most homes have exclusive stucco ceilings with built in spotlights - a nice touch that gives the home a very stylish look.

Usually covered with bright tiles but can also be laminated floors or even travertine and marble floors.

Doors and windows
Front doors in steel and the inside doors are made of MDF with decorations. Balcony doors and windows are made in PVC plastic with multiple open-close features and double-glazing.

Simple stonewall with different layers of plaster and silicone paint. Normally no insulation materials are used.

Turkish Standard Institute
Note that all materials on the Turkish consumer market - not just building materials - must comply with the guidelines set by TSE, Turkish Standards Institute.
All newer buildings and villas are earthquake secure and are during the construction period regularly controlled by an independent engineers working under license from the Turkish authorities.