Inspection Trip

We have created three different suggestions on how you can come to Turkey and inspect properties: Go on one of our popular inspection trips, test-drive a holiday home or combine the holiday with a viewing of properties.
Inspection trip
Join one of our popular inspection trips with departure from the airport of your choice. An inspection trip is typically 3-4 nights and suitable for those who are interested in a shorter trip with a 100 percent focus on properties. Before departing the itinerary is planned to suit your individual needs and wishes.
During the trip we will furthermore introduce you to the different areas of the destination.
For golfers the trip can be extended by a couple of days and also include some interesting days on the golf course.
Depending on the time of year and departure airport prices start from 250 Euro.

Test-drive a holiday home
Do you want to try living in a holiday home before taking the final decision? We then offer you the opportunity to spend a week in the home of your choice before deciding to buy. This is a great way of making sure that you are taking the right decision.
Flight tickets are paid by you while the rent will be a smaller symbolic amount to cover cleaning and usage of water and electricity.
This offer is valid for those that are genuinely interested in investing in a holiday home.

Combine holidays with the hunt for your dream property
Choose a package holiday and combine relaxing at the beach with hunting for your dream property. This will give you enough time to both experience the sights of the destination, enjoy the good weather and hunt for your property.
Exploit the advantages by staying in a hotel enjoy the luxury of having access to services offered by the hotel.
We are happy to recommend you the best and most affordable tour operators.

For all of these options and in case it has been agreed beforehand we will refund flight tickets and rent when you choose to invest in a holiday home.