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Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our customers and make them feel that both they and their holiday home is in safe hands with 2Base.

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Collection of reviews

Here we have collected a handful of the many reviews that we have received either directly or via Facebook and Google.
We are happy and proud about our many happy and satisfied customers and the positive feedback from our customers make all the hard work we do worthwhile.

    • Hannu Hautakangas

      Hannu Hautakangas Finland

      We found our dream home trough 2Base, service was professional and personal. They did what they promise. We are happy to recommend 2Base.


    • Espen Bentzon

      Espen Bentzon

      12 years ago we bought an apartment in Avsallar through 2Base. When we decided to sell it was natural to contact 2Base again. It was also reassuring that Bo and others we knew are still working there. I believe that I got a slightly higher price for our property than other agents would have managed.


    • Karin Corvinius

      Karin Corvinius Denmark

      We have sold three apartments through 2Base, and are satisfied they where sold. 2Base could sometimes be little slow to answer our emails.


      • Michael Djüardin

        Michael Djüardin Denmark

        Live in a complex where 2Base are the administrator. Will award four out of five stars.


      • Sinikka Kulmala

        Sinikka Kulmala Finland

        We have bought our appartment via 2Base. Our experiences are very good. The staff was not in a hurry while viewing appartments with us or taking us to buy furniture. We got answers to all our questions. Only disappointment we got from the seller, who cancelled the deal of the first appartment we chose. Luckily 2Base found us another apartment which we liked and bought.


      • Irene & Søren Larsen

        Irene & Søren Larsen Denmark

        We have sold through 2Base and are very satisfied with the service. Every time we have been near the office, we always go in to say hello to Brian, he always have time for an little talk.


        • Kévin Winther Hartmann

          Kévin Winther Hartmann

          Nice people with consultants that speak your language. It feels nice talking to them and they get the job done.


        • Nina Salmi

          Nina Salmi Finland

          I let my appartment. I have good experience, since everything is working with Scandinavian style. Things are taken care of and I get answers immediately.


        • Allan Fagerlund

          Allan Fagerlund

          We recommend 2Base to others. Last we year purchased a property from them and had a good experience. Almost everything went by the book, except for some small issues with the furniture that we ordered. But with good help from 2Base it ended well. Thank you so much for your good service and your good mood.


          • Morten Iversen

            Morten Iversen Brumunddal, Norway

            I use 2Base for the following: Purchase of apartment, service of apartment, order of services via the Online Shop. Also my property is in a complex where 2Base is the administrator.
            My experiences with 2Base are good.


          • George Brand-Barrell

            George Brand-Barrell

            I found 2Base very helpful in the purchase of a villa and they are there for continued help and advice when needed.


          • Marianne Bredthauer

            Marianne Bredthauer

            2Base was quick to give a satisfying answer to my question.


            • Rolf Kristian Myrhaug

              Rolf Kristian Myrhaug Norge

              A very pleasant experience. We have nothing negative to say. A positive and honest sales person and high level of service from the office staff.


            • Bettina Schartau

              Bettina Schartau

              We invested in an apartment via 2Base and from the very first contact we have experiences super service, friendliness and availability. We feel safe and give our best recommendations to 2Base.


            • Merja Kankare

              Merja Kankare Finland

              2base has kept their promise. You always get answer and they fix things fast.


              • Marko Tervaniemi

                Marko Tervaniemi

                Great, knowledgeable and smooth service. A model example of good customer service. It feels safe to know your property is in safe hands. I highly recommend!


              • Kirsten Nina Ørsted Nielsen

                Kirsten Nina Ørsted Nielsen

                In April i bought an apartment in Alanya from 2Base. I can warmly recommend the company. They are very good at their job and easy to deal with. You get all the help you need and they act as an professional real estate agent.


              • Hannu Hiekkalahti

                Hannu Hiekkalahti Finland

                We have been satisfied with the service. The purchase of the appartment went well. Also inspections, cleanings, transfers etc (only one exception on transfer). My2Base account should be updated more often and the payments should be paid on time. When needed, we have got good service.


                • Niels Jørgen Nielsen

                  Niels Jørgen Nielsen Denmark

                  We have an good experience with selling our apartment through 2Base. It took around three month from when we started the sale, until the sale was finalized.


                • Signorita Selma

                  Signorita Selma

                  We bought an apartment this summer and we are very pleased with your agency. I find it serious and reliable. Thanks again for your help, not least to Olesya from the Alanya office.


                • Seppo Salmela

                  Seppo Salmela Finland

                  I had been trough lot of apartments and real estate agents, and couldn't find the right apartment or agent. Then somebody recommended 2Base and everything clicked, they where professional and trust-able and the right holiday home was found. I am very happy with their service and can recommend to everybody.


                  • Jan Damgaard

                    Jan Damgaard Denmark

                    We have bought our apartment via 2Base and are using their after sales services. We find the level of service good and everyone is helpful.


                  • Helle Rydahl Munch

                    Helle Rydahl Munch

                    I am fully happy with our purchase via 2Base and the good service that we are still receiving. Even when i had to go to the hospital in Alanya a few years back i got great help from them. I give my best and warmest recommendations.


                  • Jane Hollen

                    Jane Hollen Danmark

                    2Base was responsible for selling my property, and i experienced a good and satisfying level of service.


                    • Tapio Haveri

                      Tapio Haveri Finland

                      We have been 2base customers for long time and everything has worked smoothly. We are happy with the service they give.


                    • Maija-Leena Haapa-alho

                      Maija-Leena Haapa-alho

                      Good service attitude and flexible operation. Customer service very pleasant.


                    • Lene & Henrik Skov

                      Lene & Henrik Skov Denmark

                      Generally we are very satisfied. Last summer it took you some time to get back to us regarding a damage in the apartment. But as we say, in general we are VERY satisfied.


                      • Vagn Jessen

                        Vagn Jessen

                        A serious Danish/ Turkish estate agent. Knows the market and what the customers want.


                      • Jens Scheffmann

                        Jens Scheffmann Karise, Denmark

                        I used 2Base for the following: Purchase of apartment, service of apartment, ordering via the online shop. Also i live in a complex where 2Base is the administrator.
                        The service has always been good.


                      • Petri Hämäläinen

                        Petri Hämäläinen Finland

                        We let our appartment and use inspection service. Also we order from Online Shop. Very effective and consistant actions.