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Collection of reviews

Here we have collected a handful of the many reviews that we have received either directly or via Facebook and Google.
We are happy and proud about our many happy and satisfied customers and the positive feedback from our customers make all the hard work we do worthwhile.

    • Marko Tervaniemi

      Marko Tervaniemi

      Excellent, professional and smooth service. An example of good customer service. You feel secure when you know your property is in safe hands. I highly recommend!


    • Signorita Selma

      Signorita Selma

      We bought an apartment this summer and we are very pleased with your agency. I find it serious and reliable. Thanks again for your help, not least to Olesya from the Alanya office.


    • Alla Kuvatova

      Alla Kuvatova

      Professional and honesy. An agency that you can trust with everything. Special thanks to Olesya from 2Base for her incredible patience and responsiveness. If you ever need help in choosing a property in Alanya, do not hesitate to contact her.


      • Merja Kankare

        Merja Kankare Finland

        2base has kept their promise. You always get answer and they fix things fast.


      • Johnny & Anette Lassen

        Johnny & Anette Lassen Denmark

        Our experience with 2Base has been very good...


      • Henrik og Grethe Kroll

        Henrik og Grethe Kroll Denmark

        We have experiences extraordinary good service when buying an apartment via 2Base.


        • Aleksander Barabolya

          Aleksander Barabolya

          I would recommend 2Base. Olesya from 2Base is a professional in her field and a very positive person. You will not regret if you contact 2Base estate agency.


        • Michael Pihl

          Michael Pihl Denmark

          I live in a complex that is administrated by 2Base & My2Base. I am especially satisfied with the fact, that i receive an email after each check-up visit to my apartment.


        • Tor Skulstad

          Tor Skulstad Norway

          I have experienced good a good service. Unfortunately my apartment is still not sold, even it has been listed for sale for some time now.


          • Kirsten Nina Ørsted Nielsen

            Kirsten Nina Ørsted Nielsen

            In April i bought an apartment in Alanya from 2Base. I can warmly recommend the company. They are very good at their job and easy to deal with. You get all the help you need and they act as an professional real estate agent.


          • Uk Kz

            Uk Kz

            I recommend the agency and the manager Olesya. She answered all my questions and ensured that all registrations, payments and money transferred was carried out safely..


          • Claus & Jannie Rasmussen

            Claus & Jannie Rasmussen Danmark

            2Base has always been reachable, flexible, helpful and guided us in the best possible way. They are listening to critics and taking actions according to it. 2Base is our "lifesaver" in Turkey, and we are satisfied with their performance.


            • Liam and Brigit Oconnor

              Liam and Brigit Oconnor Ireland

              We were using buying and selling property services through 2Base. Very professional service throughout the process. Seamless and efficient with regular updates on progress through each stage.


            • Lone & Lars Rasmussen

              Lone & Lars Rasmussen Hjørring, Denmark

              When we first met with 2Base, we did not know about them, and we wondered if we could trust them, and if they were qualified. From Day 1 we have only met qualified, skilled and trustable staff. Now we are enjoying our service agreement with 2Base, who takes care of our property, cleans and pays bills. This is all done to our satisfaction.


            • Natalia Drozdova

              Natalia Drozdova

              Good evening! I would like to congratulate the agency team and especially the realtor Olesya on the upcoming New Year. 2Base sold our apartment and were very satisfied. Everything went very quickly, professionally. We want to continue to cooperate with this company in the future.


              • Jarmo Varis

                Jarmo Varis Finland

                I have bought 2 appartments and sold one. The current appartment is under the inspection service of 2Base.


              • Jani Korpela

                Jani Korpela

                Fast, flexible, smooth but professional service. Doing business in your own native language makes it easier.


              • Lars Fischer Jensen

                Lars Fischer Jensen Denmark

                Until now we are very happy with the service we have received. We have not been apartment owners for a long time, but so far there are no complaints.


                • Arne Schürer

                  Arne Schürer Denmark

                  I think that the service level is okay. Little messy in the beginning but now it is super good.


                • Lene & Henrik Skov

                  Lene & Henrik Skov Denmark

                  Generally we are very satisfied. Last summer it took you some time to get back to us regarding a damage in the apartment. But as we say, in general we are VERY satisfied.


                • Jane Hollen

                  Jane Hollen Danmark

                  2Base was responsible for selling my property, and i experienced a good and satisfying level of service.


                  • Marianne Bredthauer

                    Marianne Bredthauer

                    2Base was quick to give a satisfying answer to my question.


                  • Nisreen Razik

                    Nisreen Razik

                    Very good location and good facilities & maintenance.


                  • Irene & Søren Larsen

                    Irene & Søren Larsen Denmark

                    We have sold through 2Base and are very satisfied with the service. Every time we have been near the office, we always go in to say hello to Brian, he always have time for an little talk.


                    • Otto Stavad

                      Otto Stavad

                      2Base has sold several of our properties and have always lived up to the expectations.


                    • Lis Rasmussen

                      Lis Rasmussen Denmark

                      We experience 2Base as a qualified, relevant and trustworthy company.


                    • Lise & Søren Christensen

                      Lise & Søren Christensen

                      We know quite a lot about both Danish and Turkish estate agents in Alanya. 2Base - with Brian and Bo - is the best and most reliable estate agent in Alanya. They are very competent and by far better than other agents in the area - both seen with the buyer as well as with the seller's perspective. We can give them our best recommendations.


                      • Ellen & Jørgen Møller

                        Ellen & Jørgen Møller Denmark

                        2Base was recommended to us and is letting out our property. We must say that you have fulfilled all our expectations 120%. We look forward for a continuous cooperation.


                      • Kristi Bek

                        Kristi Bek

                        Thank you 2Base for doing your work in such a professional and high-quality manner. I would like to express special gratitude to Olesya Solovey, such a wonderful and professional person! I recommend 2Base!!!


                      • Hannu Hautakangas

                        Hannu Hautakangas Finland

                        We found our dream home trough 2Base, service was professional and personal. They did what they promise. We are happy to recommend 2Base.