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Collection of reviews

Here we have collected a handful of the many reviews that we have received either directly or via Facebook and Google.
We are happy and proud about our many happy and satisfied customers and the positive feedback from our customers make all the hard work we do worthwhile.

    • Poul Nielsen

      Poul Nielsen Denmark

      There has been a good dialog with the staff at 2Base. I had some issues logging into my account, but that was resolved.


    • Alla Kuvatova

      Alla Kuvatova

      Professional and honesy. An agency that you can trust with everything. Special thanks to Olesya from 2Base for her incredible patience and responsiveness. If you ever need help in choosing a property in Alanya, do not hesitate to contact her.


    • Ove & Joan Rasmussen

      Ove & Joan Rasmussen Denmark

      We bought apartment from 2Base and we have been very satisfied with the service.


      • Signorita Selma

        Signorita Selma

        We bought an apartment this summer and we are very pleased with your agency. I find it serious and reliable. Thanks again for your help, not least to Olesya from the Alanya office.


      • Les Nicholas

        Les Nicholas

        First class service by everyone at 2Base. To receive a visit from Candemir and Olesya on my 70th birthday ,with flowers and a birthday cake was absolutely beautiful, what a gesture. 5 star company and people going that extra mile means so much. Thank you!


      • Alla Kuvatova

        Alla Kuvatova

        An estate agency you can trust. Olesya Solovey from 2Base is professional and a very nice person. If you are looking for options in Alanya, do not hesitate to contact her. She will find you the most suitable property for the best price.


        • Rita Jochumsen Hee

          Rita Jochumsen Hee

          During the years I have used 2Base Alanya for buying and selling properties. I am very pleased with the company. Trustfull, helpful and professional. I give 2Base my best recommendations.


        • Bent Jørgen Larsen

          Bent Jørgen Larsen

          We use 2Base as management company in our complex.


        • Uk Kz

          Uk Kz

          I recommend the agency and the manager Olesya. She answered all my questions and ensured that all registrations, payments and money transferred was carried out safely..


          • Jari Muuri

            Jari Muuri Finland

            2Base is working very well.


          • Stefan Martinson

            Stefan Martinson

            Amazing place, would always recommend to anyone.


          • Otto Stavad

            Otto Stavad

            2Base has sold several of our properties and have always lived up to the expectations.


            • Jannie Schmidt

              Jannie Schmidt

              We have only positive things to say about 2Base, their helpfulness and counselling. The company posses a lot of knowledge because they have employees with different nationalities. We have a lot of confidence in 2Base and feel safe in their hands. We give our best recommendations.


            • Hannu Hiekkalahti

              Hannu Hiekkalahti Finland

              We have been satisfied with the service. The purchase of the appartment went well. Also inspections, cleanings, transfers etc (only one exception on transfer). My2Base account should be updated more often and the payments should be paid on time. When needed, we have got good service.


            • Klaus Østergaard

              Klaus Østergaard Denmark

              Generally speaking we have only positive experiences with 2Base.


              • Jesper Hamann Laustsen

                Jesper Hamann Laustsen Denmark

                2Base has been very helpful from day one, with both buying apartment and afterwards service. We only have positive things to say about 2Base.


              • George Brand-Barrell

                George Brand-Barrell

                I found 2Base very helpful in the purchase of a villa and they are there for continued help and advice when needed.


              • Tor Skulstad

                Tor Skulstad Norway

                I have experienced good a good service. Unfortunately my apartment is still not sold, even it has been listed for sale for some time now.


                • Helle Rydahl Munch

                  Helle Rydahl Munch

                  I am fully happy with our purchase via 2Base and the good service that we are still receiving. Even when i had to go to the hospital in Alanya a few years back i got great help from them. I give my best and warmest recommendations.


                • Karin Corvinius

                  Karin Corvinius Denmark

                  We have sold three apartments through 2Base, and are satisfied they where sold. 2Base could sometimes be little slow to answer our emails.


                • Karin Christiansen

                  Karin Christiansen Denmark

                  We have used 2Base & My2Base for both buying & service of our holiday home. Also 2Base is administrator of the complex. We have only had positive experiences.


                  • Natalia Drozdova

                    Natalia Drozdova

                    Good evening! I would like to congratulate the agency team and especially the realtor Olesya on the upcoming New Year. 2Base sold our apartment and were very satisfied. Everything went very quickly, professionally. We want to continue to cooperate with this company in the future.


                  • Michael Pihl

                    Michael Pihl Denmark

                    I live in a complex that is administrated by 2Base & My2Base. I am especially satisfied with the fact, that i receive an email after each check-up visit to my apartment.


                  • Lis Rasmussen

                    Lis Rasmussen Denmark

                    We experience 2Base as a qualified, relevant and trustworthy company.


                    • Majbritt Esmann

                      Majbritt Esmann

                      A serious company with top level service. We are and have always been satisfied.


                    • Bernie Wide

                      Bernie Wide Sweden

                      Have had no problems - nice and helpful staff.


                    • Tuula ja Reijo Hautamäki

                      Tuula ja Reijo Hautamäki Finland

                      Things get done very well in Finnish and Online shop is now easy though at the beginning we had some problems. Also the statement of account is now easier to follow thanks to the new update. We have received answers and help to all our questions.


                      • Abcid Osker

                        Abcid Osker

                        I recommend the agency and sales manager Olesya. I had a non-standard case and Olesya was my eyes and ears. All transactions were completely reliable, all payments were safe. I recommend them.


                      • Lone & Lars Rasmussen

                        Lone & Lars Rasmussen Hjørring, Denmark

                        When we first met with 2Base, we did not know about them, and we wondered if we could trust them, and if they were qualified. From Day 1 we have only met qualified, skilled and trustable staff. Now we are enjoying our service agreement with 2Base, who takes care of our property, cleans and pays bills. This is all done to our satisfaction.


                      • Merja Kankare

                        Merja Kankare Finland

                        2base has kept their promise. You always get answer and they fix things fast.