When you arrive from the airport in Milas

Office in Bodrum

When you arrive into Bodrum from the airport in Milas you will find our office right at the entrance to the town. The situation has carefully been chosen and provides easy access to all areas around Bodrum.
We have normal opening hours and are ready to show you properties in this area.

Great changes to our website

In the near future we will make changes on our website. This will give a better overview of the areas where we are offering properties. Among the changes will be a separation of our properties in two main categories; Alanya and Bodrum.
Unfortunately the changes will also mean that you have to wait a while with listings from Bodrum on the site, but if you contact us we will be glad to send information directly to you per email or by mail.

Bodrum is not just Bodrum

The whole Bodrum area is situated on a peninsula with lovely bays and a wonderful nature. The smaller towns situated right next to the sea which were earlier inhabited by fishermen also now contain holiday cottages.

The building style is the same all over containing well-preserved, whitewashed houses. By law it is determined that the style may not differ and the same apply to the number of floors which is why you don’t find high hotels blocking the magnificent view.

Next to the beautiful castle you find a marina in international class. Here are boats from the whole world during the summertime. This is an area with life, activities and several good restaurants and cafés.

The spirit among the local inhabitants is obliging and relaxed. Bodrum is a popular place for Turkish people to spend the vacation and have you been there yourself you have no doubts about why. Bodrum offers everything and no matter if you are looking for a relaxation, cheerful family moments or active holidays with water sports, excursions and nightlife.
Besides a smaller beach in the centre of Bodrum you will find local beaches at the peninsulas coastline.

We are looking forward to show you this beautiful area.