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We speak your language and always makes an extra effort to find the right property for you. Since 2003 we have helped numerous foreigners at feeling home in the Turkish property market - both before, during and after the buying.

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Preparation is the key to a successful investment. Our Buyers Guide gives you insight in the real estate market, and will lead you through the whole process, right until the moment when you can enjoy the holiday in your new home.

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We have created three different suggestions on how you can come to Turkey and inspect properties: Go on one of our popular inspection trips, test-drive a holiday home or combine the holiday with a viewing of properties.

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At 2Base Estate Agency you have dedicated staff ready to assist you, your family and your holiday home. Here are some of the people that you are likely to meet. See you in Turkey!

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  • Espen Bentzon

    Espen Bentzon

    12 years ago we bought an apartment in Avsallar through 2Base. When we decided to sell it was natural to contact 2Base again. It was also reassuring that Bo and others we knew are still working there. I believe that I got a slightly higher price for our property than other agents would have managed.


  • Vlada Ti

    Vlada Ti

    I am satisfied with my property investment via 2Base! You can safely trust and contact this agency. I especially and sincerely thank Olesya from 2Base. Olesya, your boss should be proud that such wonderful people work for him and appreciate your work to the fullest! Good luck again and all the best to you.


  • Bernie Wide

    Bernie Wide Sweden

    Have had no problems - nice and helpful staff.


  • Niels Jørgen Nielsen

    Niels Jørgen Nielsen Denmark

    We have an good experience with selling our apartment through 2Base. It took around three month from when we started the sale, until the sale was finalized.