More than 300 sunny days, marvelous beaches, golf courses that's one of the best in Europe and a fantastic ski resort close to the heart of the city is only some of the reasons that you should invest in a holiday home in Antalya. İt is also why Antalya chosen to be the 2'nd best city to live in, in Turkey, only beaten by the capital Ankara. The research are made by the international buisness magasin CNBC-e.

Antalya is the perfect city that can offer many different things at the same time. Only in Antalya, can you experience the city vibe, shopping, entertainment, cultural and historical sights, a relaxed beach life and in the winter months skiing. All this is only about 20 minutes from the major international airport where there are good flight connection from Europe, no matter what time of year it is.

The fine beach Konyaalti is centrally located, and 10 km east of downtown, the equally lovely Lara beach. Many Westerners have begun to invest in these areas, either by purchase of apartments, villas or plots of land.

The Antalya city has approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants and is the provincial capital of the region. The town is beautifully situated at the bottom of a large bay overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains where you can go skiing in the winter months. Besides the beautiful scenery, golf, waterfalls, rafting the town has everything you could wish from a big city; real metropolitan atmosphere, shopping opportunities, art, magnificent culture and history. Generally, there is plenty of life in summer in all Turkish holiday resort but when the season is over, there are not so much activities, however, Antalya is the largest city of the area with life all year round.

Because of the above mentioned reasons Antalya is one of the cities in Turkey which receives also most newcomers from other parts of Turkey. Therefore, it would be easier if sometime in the future you will sell your investment again.