Turkey is the place where old traditions and forgotten peoples live side by side with modern city life and foreigners who have invested in holiday homes.
There is a reason for Turkey being nicknamed the gateway to the East. The country is indeed the place where two parts of the world meet. Turkey is located on two continents. Old traditions and forgotten peoples exist side by side with the culture of modern cities and the luxuries of the west.

The geographical history of Turkey is older than the history of the Turks. Traces of the first settlements of nomadic people date back to around 6,500 BC, while the Turks as a people only date back about 900 years.

The history of the nation therefore consists of not one whole area but many small parts which, when put together, provide magnificent tales of migration, wars, mighty sultans and lost cultures.

Asia Minor has, up to the beginning of the 20th century, been under Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule. This has meant throughout the years many wars, battles and changes in rulers.

Visitors to present day Turkey should pay particular attention to one special change of power and that was the foundation of the Turkish republic in 1923. This historical event has affected Turkey like no other and created the nation that exists today.

Buying a holiday home in Turkey is a very popular way for many people to combine a financial investment with an investment that friends and family can benefit from.

Turkey is a fantastic country and few other places offer such a wide variety of cultural experiences, genuine hospitality not to forget a fantastic climate. Add to all this a price level that is far below any other European country – not to forget easy, quick, cheap and all year round travel and flight opportunities.

All this gives you a setup that makes Turkey the perfect place for a perfect investment.