Important issues to consider

Asking yourself the right questions is one of the key factors when looking for property abroad. When answering these questions, be not only honest to yourself but also realistic about things such as economy and needs.
The time from initial considerations to the day the contract is signed is a very important process. It might be long for some and short for others. But no matter where in the process you are, we are always willing to share advice, ideas and tips.

The purchase of a holiday home must be both carefully and well thought through. Therefore it is important that you, as an interested buyer, consider as many important aspects as possible.

Consider questions such as:
Type: Apartment, penthouse or villa?
This is usually a matter regarding the size of investment you wish to make. As a general rule villas are located more secluded than apartments and penthouses. In return villas will often have a more quiet location. And with an apartment or penthouse you will often have access to facilities, shopping as well as cheaper price per square meter.

Size: How many bedrooms are required?
The vast majority of all holiday homes are built as so-called 2+1 apartments with two bedrooms and combined living room / kitchen (American kitchen). It is also the most popular type of apartment. But units with one bedroom (1+1) or 3 bedrooms (3+1) can easily be found.
For more than 3 bedrooms a penthouse must be considered. Since penthouse apartments are located on the top floors of the building the views are often fantastic just as most penthouses gives you access to a private roof terrace.

Location: City center, close to the beach or in a quiet residential area?
The most popular is often a combination of the above. That means a location just outside the city center in the suburbs of the city. This will provide a quiet location with easy access to shopping as well as easy transportation to the beach and city center.

Price levels and financing: What is the maximum budget and is financing needed?
It is possible to finance your Turkish holiday home through both Turkish and domestic banks.
This topic is rather comprehensive since interest rates, financing options and conditions frequently change. Contact us for more information.

Letting: My2base Holiday Homes
In case you wish to let out your holiday home the location must be carefully considered. In general holiday homes located close to the city center OR holiday homes in complexes with an extensive range of shared facilities are easiest to let out.
2Base Estate Agency has a lot of experience in letting out holiday homes, which is done through the web site

Facilities: Which facilities are required?
Most complexes have a swimming pool. In addition there are often play grounds, ball courts, table tennis, fitness centers, indoor pools, water slides, guard service, pool bar, caretaker, Internet and much more.
Consider which facilities you see as a must and which would just be nice to have but are not essential.