Viewing of properties

Properties should only be purchased after being carefully viewed and after investigating and controlling all relevant documents.
Depending on the number of properties you wish to view, the inspection of holiday homes will take anywhere from a few hours to several days.
In connection with the viewing of each property, all relevant information will be given on each property. This includes:
Sales presentation
1) the transaction costs and expenses:
- Price of property: The price agreed between buyer and seller.
- Registration of electricity and water meters
- Notary: A notarized proxy is given to 2Base so that we can handle all formalities of the trade without inconvenience to you as a buyer. The proxy allows us to handle hand over the title deed, registration of water and electric meter and other formalities without you as a buyer being present in Turkey.
- Habitation certificate (ferdi iskan): A permit, which each apartment should obtain.

NOTE: All administrative formalities listed above and mentioned in this buyers guide are arranged and taken care of by 2Base Estate Agency. As a buyer you will therefore not spend valuable holiday time sorting out administrative formalities - we will simply do it for you.

2) Included in purchasing price:
Often appliances, air conditioning units, blinds, mosquito nets and/or furniture are included in the price. Our sales presentation will clearly show this.

3) Estimation of annual costs:
Compared to domestic homes the annual costs for a holiday in Turkey is very low. Our sales presentation gives an estimate of the cost of each apartment. These are:
- Insurance: Earthquake and house hold insurance are done separately. Depending on the size of the apartment/ villa this will cost app. 250-350 euro annually.
- Owner association: Cost to the owners association that takes care of the shared areas such as pool, garden area, staircases, elevators, roof etc. For smaller complexes without pool this is often just 150-200 euro a year.
In bigger complexes with pool, full time caretaker and garden areas the amount is usually between 500 and 700 euro annually.
- Inspection service: We advice all homeowners to join our Inspection Service. 2Base will then pay your bills, provide insurance, visit the apartment on a regular basis and in general be your local partner.
- Property tax, garbage disposal etc. in Turkey: These taxes are generally very low.

Miscellaneous: Floor plans, area maps, local plans, etc.
- Floor plans: When possible floor plans are shown.
- Area plan: In case the areas around the apartment of your choice are not fully developed a local plan is an important document. This plan will show which undeveloped land areas exist and where green areas, park areas or public buildings will come.

Iskan - building and dwelling permits
Information about the status of ön iskan and ferdi iskan. Often a forgotten topic but nevertheless one of the most important permission/ papers together with the title deed itself

There are two relevant types of permits (Iskan).
1) Ön iskan is a general permission related to the complete building including shared areas. The ön iskan is your proof that that the building has been constructed according to the building permission approved by the local authorities.
The costs for ön iskan are normally paid by the developer.
2) Ferdi Iskan is a habitation certificate for each individual property and can be obtained after the issue of the above mentioned ön iskan. Each apartment must obtain its own ferdi iskan and this is normally paid by the buyer. If the previous owner of the apartment obtained the ferdi iskan a new owner does not have to obtain it again.
Some estate agents name these permission iskan1 and iskan2.
This is not the correct names.

In general you should be careful of complexes without ön iskan. In case the ön iskan is in place, it is relatively simple to obtain the ferdi iskan.