Purchasing process

Once you have received the title deed on the property, you are to be considered as the legal owner of the property. We of course assist you in the process of obtaining all relevanat papers on your property.
The process for obtaining your title deed in Turkey:
- An approval to sell the apartment must be issued by the authorities, who will check that the apartment or villa is located in an area where foreigners may acquire property. It is for example not allowed for foreigners to acquire property next to military bases, in village areas, on archaeological sites etc...
All properties listed with 2Base Estate Agency are located in areas where foreigners can acquire property.
The approval takes app. 2 months to get through.
Personal presence is not required for this application.

- Proxy, setting up a local bank account, getting local tax number: This takes half a day and is done together with one of our team.

Once the approval to sell the apartment has been issued, we inform the local land registry office, who will then start the last procedures in order to do the actual title deed transfer.

This final preparation at the land registry office usually takes 5 to 10 days.
You as a buyer will be represented by 2Base Estate Agency via the given proxy and your personal presence is not needed.