Müştemilat // Annex

An annex is a smaller section added to the outside of a building, house or apartment that can be used as a garage, basement, storage area, workshop or similar.
It is usually an area not suitable as a living area and does not count as such from a le..

Kimlik / Identity card

In Turkey everyone has a so-called "kimlik", which is an ID card that contains an unique ID number for each individual.
The kimlik card can be used for identifying yourself at places such as the bank, land registry office, the notaries office and so..

Emlak vergisi // Property tax

Property tax must be paid for both residential and commercial property. Anyone who has an immovable title deed must pay property tax.
Property tax is calculated annually. The payment is made in 2 installments, which must be paid in May and November...

Muhtar // Headman

A headman is a state official who is the head of the administration of the villages and local neighborhoods.
Headman are elected by the people living in the neighborhoods and villages for five years.
Headmans can not be a candidate from a poli..

Notary // Noter

The public notary is the institution that gives legal validity to documents and transactions.
For 2Base the notary is an essential institution in our daily business. Often our customers cannot be personal present in Alanya when selling or buying pro..

Aidat / Fee

The payment taken to meet the expenses of the common areas in a building complex is called "aidat". It is usually determined by the yearly general assembly of the complex but also the chairman of the board or the appointed manager of the complex has the ..

Sahibinden / From the owner

Often the Turkish word "sahibinden" is seen together with property ads.

It means that it is the owner trying to sell directly without any 3rd party such as an estate agent involved.
As an estate agent we obviously do not recommend tw..

Kapıcı / Doorkeepers

Having a janitor in your apartment is a factor that makes all your work easier.

Doorkeepers are hired to eliminate problems in common areas in the apartment. They are also responsible for many issues, such as cleaning the apartment and garden..

Tercüman // Translator

Translators are essential in the real estate sector and for every industry. A mistranslated sentence when buying a property can cause a crisis between the buyer and the seller.

Working with an experienced translator who is good at the job is ..

Komisyon / Commission

In Turkey, many people earn a living by being paid commission, and in every aspect of sales, some kind of commission is usually present.

This goes for not only the real estate sector but also tourism and the retail sector, where the salaries..

Kapora / down payment

In Turkey, a down payment is a widespread way of securing an item you want to buy that can or will not be delivered at the time of purchase.

This could be items such as a car, an apartment, custom-made curtains, or anything else you will bu..


The Turkish word for VAT (Value Added Tax) is KDV (Katma Değer Vergisi).

There are 3 VAT rates in Turkey: 1%, 8% and 18% where 18% is the most common.

1% VAT is mostly applied on basic food products such as milk, eggs, tea, vege..

Vergi dairesi / Tax office

When investing in a property in Turkey, you will also need a Turkish tax number.
For this, you or your representative needs to visit the local tax office.

Besides getting the tax number, foreigners without resident permits typically h..

Apartman yöneticisi / Apartment manager

The person who is chosen to take care of the issues that concern everyone living in the apartment, such as elevator, building cleaning, stairs, lamps, expenses, and bills, and who undertakes this responsibility, is called the apartment manager or administ..

Otomatik ödeme /automatic bank payment

To use automatic bank payments from a local bank for paying your utility bills such as water and electricity can be a good option for all homeowners in Turkey.

However, due to language barriers, costs and bureaucracy having a Turkish bank is ..

Sözlesme Hesap No / Agreement Account number

Some years ago the Turkish electricity systems were privatized and each area of Turkey has independent private providers with the one in the Antalya region being CLK Akdeniz.

Since the switch from state run to private companies the sector has..

arsa payi / land share

When more than one unit is build on a plot, the ownership of the plot is divided using "arsa payi // land share".

So when an apartment building of 40 units is constructed, these apartments are all located on the same plot and the ownership of..

Lüks // Luxury

Quite often property ads in Turkey contains the word "Lüx".

It quite simply means and translates to luxurious or luxury.

Now a days most properties in Turkey are of high quality. But not all of them qualifies as luxurious.

Kat // Floor

The word "kat" simply means floor. So when you live at "kat 3" it means living in 3rd floor.
As in many other countries the way to name and count floors can be a bit confusing.

Here is a list of Turkish floor names:
- Bodrum kat..

İpotek // Mortgage

Mortgages on title deeds are mostly applied when a loan has been used for purchasing the property. This is the way that the bank secures the loan that they have provided.

But a mortgage can also be applied to the title deed in case the owne..

Banka Hesabı/ Bank Account

In Turkey the commercial banking system is quite modern and many foreign banks are operating in the market. As a foreigner you can easily open a bank account and use it for money transfers, online payments of bills and investments.

Should you..