• Facilities

    Swimming pool, Children's pool, Water slide, Tennis court, Playground, Fitness centre, Sauna, Satellite dish, Generator, Parking area, Security, Housekeeper, Possibility for Internet, Private storage rooms, Billiard table, Table tennis, Ball court, Pool bar, Garden area, Indoor pool

    Galaxy castle view

    109.000 €

  • Facilities

    Swimming pool, Children's pool, Fitness centre, Sauna, Satellite dish, Parking area, Security, Housekeeper, Possibility for Internet, Shared storage rooms, Billiard table, Table tennis, Lounge area, Garden area

    Cleopatra III Penthouse

    169.000 €

  • Facilities

    Swimming pool, Children's pool, Parking area, Housekeeper, Possibility for Internet, Garden area

    Oriens A Block No:3

    48.000 €

  • Facilities

    Swimming pool, Children's pool, Fitness centre, Turkish bath, Sauna, Satellite dish, Parking area, Housekeeper, Lift, Possibility for Internet, Shared storage rooms, Billiard table, Ball court, Lounge area, Garden area, Indoor pool

    Sultan 3 Apartments

    45.000 €

  • Facilities

    Swimming pool, Children's pool, Water slide, Tennis court, Playground, Fitness centre, Turkish bath, Sauna, Satellite dish, Generator, Parking area, Security, Clubhouse, Housekeeper, Possibility for Internet, Shared storage rooms, Billiard table, Table tennis, Ball court, Pool bar, Garden area

    Brinch Apartment

    119.900 €

  • Image

    Penthouse apartments

    Enjoy living ot the top in a penthouse apartment. These properties offer lots of space, roof terraces and privacy.
  • Image

    Off-plan: Get it your way

    When investing off-plan you often get the chance to put your personal touch on the property by choosing and changing certain aspects yourself to give your home a unique and personal feeling.
  • Image


    If you are looking for your very own villa with garden area, spacious terraces and maybe even a private pool, Here is our selection of villa offers here.
  • Image

    Units not to be missed

    Do not miss out on these units. We have selected these properties as we think they have the little "extra" that makes them something special and above all a good bargain.
  • Image

    1 bedroom apartments

    If you are not in need for a lot of space and several bedrooms this is the place to look.
  • Image

    Exclusive Homes

    The "Exclusive Homes" section is where you will find the very best of the best. These are high-end homes where comfort, quality materials and prime location take priority.
  • Image

    A room with a view

    Are you looking for views of the sea, mountains and/or the city, Take a look at this selection of properties with stunning views.
  • Image


    If you are looking a holiday home with a little extra touch of luxury then check out this selection of our most luxurious offers.
  • Image

    Bargain properties

    Sometimes a seller decides to lower the original asking price of there property. You can find our selection here and grab yourself a bargain.
  • Image

    Family homes

    View our listings suitable for family with large pool areas, plenty of facilities and easy access to shopping and the city center. In these resorts there is something for all the family.
  • Image

    Do you love the beach?

    Have you ever dreamed about living next to the beach, then search no more. Take at look at this selection of properties all within walking distance to the beach.

We cover all aspects

2Base Estate Agency covers all aspects of your property affairs in Turkey and our focus is not only on the selling process, but just as much on the subsequent after sales service.
We provide safe economical terms, making sure that local pitfalls are avoided, offering you a wide selection of properties, thorough after sales services and giving you access to all the advantages a large, international and strong organisation has to offer.

  1. Full economical security

    Economical safe conditions on all sales eliminating all financial risks. Down payments will be deposited in a secure escrow account until the title deeds are transferred.

  2. Avoiding local pitfalls – our many years of experience is at your disposal to avoid any unnecessary problems

    Buying property abroad and in your home country are in some cases are totally different. Our local knowledge will secure you and provide the correct advice and procedure throughout.

  3. Best selection of properties

    We have no vested interests with either construction companies or private sellers. We can therefore offer your the best possible properties at the best prices from both private sellers and constructors.

  4. My2Base Holiday Homes – your partner after purchasing

    With us sales & service walk hand in hand. After purchasing your property My2Base Holiday Homes will take over and offer you and your holiday home an extensive range of services.
    - Inspection service: Leave the supervision of the property, payment of bills and all other formalities to us.
    - Order services such as cleaning, welcome packages, excursions and airport transfer directly via our Online Shop.
    - Assistance in case of any emergency – we are available in case of emergency 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    - Letting of your holiday home

  5. Access to all advantages that a strong and international organisation can offer

    We are active on many different markets and our customers come from all over Europe. Furthermore our employees have different backgrounds and nationalities.
    Together that makes a big difference for you both as a buyer, seller or owner that would like to benefit from our wide variety of services.
    At 2Base you therefore get all the advantages that a strong and international organisation can offer.

At 2Base Estate Agency you have dedicated staff ready to assist you, your family and your holiday home. Here are some of the people that you are likely to meet.... See you in Turkey.

Is it time for a change?

Image Has your holiday home become too small?
- Do you already own a property in Turkey?
- Are you looking for something bigger, better or just different?
- Are you not interested in having two holiday homes at the same time?

If the answer to the above questions is "YES" then 2Base Estate Agency might be able to help.

Affordable units with a view

Image Are you looking for an apartment with both an amazing view, facilities for everyone AND an affordable price? Then take a look at Sultan III.

Spa-pool, well equipped gym, sauna, table tennis, billiard and ball court as just some of the facilities in this complex. And we have not even mentioned the beautiful pool area. You should definitely take a closer look...
  • Image

    Arne Schürer

    I think that they service is ok. Little messy in the beginning but is now super good.
  • Image

    Onni Moilanen

    I live in a complex administrated by 2Base. It is good I can get the information in Finnish. Keep on with that ! Maybe I will let out my appartment later.
  • Image

    Petri Hämäläinen

    We let our appartment and use inspection service. Also we order from Online Shop. Very effective and consistant actions.
  • Image

    Claus & Jannie Rasmussen

    2Base has always been reachable, flexible, helpful and guided us in the best possible way. They are listening to critics and taking actions according to it. 2Base is our "lifesaver" in Turkey, and we are satisfied with their performance.
  • Image


    I do not like to order from online shop. I prefer to call or send email. Transfers from and to the airport have been working well now. The cleaning was ok.
  • Image

    Pirkko and Aimo Kinnunen

    Excellent service, speacially when we have bought our appartment. Also speacial thanks to Yildirim, who is still helpful and kind even if we do not use inspection service any more.
  • Image

    Lars Kleiveland

    I am extremely satisfied :-)
  • Image

    Jens Scheffmann
    Karise, Denmark

    I used 2Base for the following: Purchase of apartment, service of apartment, ordering via the online shop. Also i live in a complex where 2Base is the administrator.
    The service has always been good.
  • Image

    Tapio Laine

    After 3 years as a customer I can say that the work has improved and the services have become more wide-ranging. Looks good, keep on the same way !
  • Image

    Pauline Bruun
    Hundested, Denmark

    We always get good, helpful and effective service from nice staff. We are using the cleaning service and always arrive to a beautiful clean apartment. That is just super!!
    Winter after winter we happily leave the apartment for 2Base to look after.
  • Image

    Reija Ahola

    We have been using transfers and cleanings. Those ones we have been satisfied with.
  • Image


    We let our appartment. Thank you very much for services !

2Base - Sales & service hand in hand

Our business portfolio is rather large. Therefore we have divided it into two sections. My2Base Holiday Homes deals with all service related aspects such as after sales service, letting, transfers, rentals, complex & property administration. 2Base Estate Agency deals with all sales related aspects.

How will you benefit from being our customer at 2Base & My2Base?
It is the same strong and experienced organisation behind both companies. As a customer you are therefore automatically a part of our strong and extensive network from which you will benefit. Even if you do not purchase your property via us, you are still welcome to take advantage of our extensive range of services and join My2Base Holiday Homes.

This web sites is dedicated to 2Base Estate Agency. To visit My2Base Holiday Homes please go to www.my2base.com

About You & Us

Image Who are we and more importantly: Why should you choose to purchase your holiday home via 2Base Estate Agency?
On this web site you can read about us, what we believe in and how you can benefit from becoming our customer.

An investment in a holiday home is a big deal and we believe that we can help you make the right decision. Get to know us and find out if we are the right match for you and your requirements.

Blog: Property in Turkey

Guide for buying property in Turkey

Together with many partners in the northern European countries we have developed safe terms for investing in property in Turkey.
Furthermore we have made a comprehensive guide so that you can obtain a detailed knowledge before buying your dream holiday home. This guide will give you background information and will answer any questions that you and your family may have. There are also questions for you to ask the seller before entering into an agreement.
To make sure that you have a solid knowledge before you make your investment, order your free package here.

See through property administration

Experience shows that administrating a property or complex is not that difficult – the difficult part is to have the administration under control.
And that is how we make a difference….
Our priority is to have a see-through concept where you as a property owner only pay the actual costs. Instead of a fixed price, you only pay for the actual cost for the services required by the property or complex.
Furthermore we assist in establishing and maintaining the daily operations of owners unions as well as help with iskans (permissions), establishing of electric and water meters etc.

Attractive Holiday Homes are Wanted!

At 2Base Estate Agency you have the chance to advertise your property threw one of the biggest and most serious estate agents operating in Turkey. We are cooperating with professional partners in Scandinavian countries and they are among the market leaders in Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Direct Marketing
Your property will be advertised on several websites, with banners, advertisements and have a well designed sales presentation which will be sent to all interested - and yes, a lot more.

Letting of your holiday home

2Base is one of very few estate agents in Alanya with a professional organised administration and rental section for your Turkish holiday home. My2Base Holiday Homes has an unique letting concept, which is offered free of charge to customers at 2Base. The concept allows you to let out your apartment as often as you want.
In short the letting package from My2Base contains lots of unique advantages even if you solely wish to use the property for yourself and the family.

Financing in Turkey from Local Banks

Turkish banks now offer mortgages for foreigners with reasonable terms. Invest in a holiday home and get up to 65 percent of the financing from Turkey with a interest under 7 percent per year and up to 20 years return payment.
Unique options to keep the financing opportunities of your property at home and to make full use of all your means.
  • Image

    Atlas I Mahmutlar

    Alanya Mahmutlar

    Price from 64.500 €

  • Image

    Alcon 15 apt

    Alanya Cikcilli

    Price from 57.000 €

  • Image

    Country Club Penthou

    Alanya Avsallar

    Price from 139.000 €

  • Image

    Busters Nest

    Alanya Cikcilli

    Price from 185.000 €

  • Image

    Yildiz Penthouse

    Alanya Centre

    Price from 235.000 €

  • Image

    Goldcity Apartment

    Alanya Kargicak

    Price from 84.000 €

  • Image

    Rose Apartment

    Antalya, Konyaalti

    Price from 72.600 €

  • Image

    Elite 4 Cikcilli no

    Alanya Cikcilli

    Price from 63.000 €

  • Image

    D2-6 Apartment

    Alanya Tosmur

    Price from 59.000 €

  • Image

    Portakal Villa

    Alanya Oba

    Price from 199.000 €

  • Image

    Mountain View

    Alanya Centre

    Price from 75.000 €

  • Image

    Another World

    Alanya Cikcilli

    Price from 59.000 €

  • Image

    Ocean view tepe pent

    Alanya North

    Price from 92.100 €

  • Image

    Deluxia Premium Vill

    Alanya Kargicak

    Price from 950.000 €

  • Image

    Pool view

    Antalya, Konyaalti

    Price from 47.500 €