Enjoy luxurious peaceful living by the sea Kale Maisons apartments, Alanya Castle

  • 50 - 138m²
  • 1 - 2
  • - 2

Kale Maisons apartments

Great view of the Mediterranean. Wonderful view of the beach and the sea.

Exclusive, much sought-after neighbourhood. Fantastically situated holiday home in the heart of the town which offers cheerful cafes and exciting restaurants.

Nice spacious inviting bathroom. Popular property with lovely light kitchen. Large and open kitchen of Scandinavian quality. Holiday home with inviting balconies for the warm summer nights.

Pleasant holiday home close to the centre and the beach. Shared pool with area for sunbathing. Sports and health facilities. Fitness room for communal use.

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  • Satellite TV
  • Tiled ceramic floors
  • Door phone
  • Steel entrance door
  • Granite countertop, kitchen
  • Spotlights

  • Year: 2023
  • Bedrooms: 1 - 2
  • Livingrooms: 1 - 1
  • Gross: 50 - 138 m²
  • Area / Town: Alanya Castle

Complex description

  • Fitness centre
  • Possibility for Internet
  • Pool bar
  • Heated pool
  • Housekeeper
  • Billiard table
  • Lounge area


Alanya Castle

Several famous attractions are nearby

Alanya Castle

Alanyas castle is a peaceful district compared to its neighbouring areas.


Alanya Castle is one of the most unique districts of Alanya and put under protection of Unesco's world heritage list. The peninsula divides the town into a Western and Eastern part and the castle itself dates back to the 13th century.
It is mainly a quiet area, with outstanding views of the turquoise Meditteranean sea and Taurus mountains.
Besides some mini markets and restaurants there arn’t many facilities in the area, you would need to travel to the centre of Alanya or to other districts of Alanya to acquire most of your daily needs.


Walking the old ruins of the ancient castle that are literally just outside your door is a must do.
After making it to the top you can jump into the cable car that will quickly take you down to the Cleopatra beach. You will also find a yoga school here.


There are a few mini markets to accommodate your daily needs. You would need to travel down to the centre of Alanya to go grocery shopping etc.
Fortunately, the centre of Alanya is only a few minutes of travel away and has all the different stores you need to supply for yourself, meaning it's only a mild inconvenience.

Around and inside the castle itself you will find many souvenir stalls for tourists.

Public transportation

There is a bus(number 4)that goes to this area specifically, and it goes hourly until early evening (at time of writing).
The bus will take you to the castle, or to the centre of Alanya.

There are of course taxis available anytime. Alternatively, you can use the steps built, or the roads to travel down to the centre.

Food & dining

In the Alanya castle (Kale) area there are a few small cafes and restaurants (offering some of the best Turkish breakfasts)which are really delightful to visit.
Many of them are located on the cliffs of the peninsula offering amazing views over the town and sea.

The castle area is particularly famous for its breakfast tables and romantic evening dinners.


Alanya’s centre is located just at the foot of the peninsula and castle area. In Alanya’s centre there are numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, and it is the busiest area of Alanya.

Several famous tourist attractions are also nearby the castle such as the ancient shipyard, the Red Tower, Cleopatra beach and the Damlatas dripstone cave.

Wrap up

All in all, Alanya’s castle is a peaceful district compared to its neighbouring areas. Even though there aren’t any daily needed facilities, the area offers outstanding views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountains.

Though an important note to keep in mind, this district has many level changes, lots of steps and getting around by yourself requires a good physique.


Estimated trade expenses

  • Title deed: 5900 - 24000€
  • Water registration: 100 €
  • Electricity registration: 40 €
  • Notary: 250-300 €

Estimated yearly expenses

  • Yearly owners union fee: 1000 €
  • Dask insurance: 15-20 €
  • Household insurance: 150-250 €

The particulars and figures are for guidance only.

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