Bodrum is a charming and fascinating peninsula with its great atmosphere. It's easy to travel to Bodrum. There are flight connections all year round and the mild climate makes a visit to your Turkish holiday home a great alternative to the European winter
Bodrum is a charming and fascinating peninsula with its atmosphere. 30.000 reside in the Bodrum area. The people of Bodrum earn their living by fishing, boat-building, agriculture, weaving and tourism, which has become the most important industry in the last few years.
In recent times Bodrum has become not only a tourist centre but also a visiting place for famous Turkish and foreign artists and also an art centre. The Antique Amphitheatre is one of the famous places for both local artists and foreign ones because of all the entertainment. Concerts are prepared in summer in the open air with thousand of spectators with the panoramic view over the castle and the sea.
The heart of the town is around the harbour, where shops, bars and restaurants jostle together in the narrow streets under the shadow of the St. Peter Castle. The main artery is Cumhurriyet Caddesi (Republic Street), much better known as Bar Street.
Besides shops, bars and restaurants you can always return home with a pair of hand made snugly fit leather sandals in traditional Aegean style.
The Bar Street is always busy by the locals also the tourism from abroad and different parts of Turkey. Along the Bar Street you can always see different souvenirs shops as other touristy destinations abroad, with its different taste and smell also, the mixed music from the different bars.
Since the time of King Mausolos, Bodrum has been an important centre for boat building. Ptolemäus from Egypt had his warships made here in 300 BC.
In April 2006, the new Milas – Bodrum airport opened with excellent connections. Scheduled Turkish Airlines and International charter flights are now arriving regularly. The long transfer from Izmir or Dalaman now belongs in the past.