Over the years Jewels and accessories have become one of women’s favourite needs.
Over the years Jewels and accessories have become one of women’s favourite needs..
In the beginning women used to wear only jewels made from silver and gold but nowadays they use almost every kind of material to complete their beauty. For this reason it is making a huge accessory market before our eyes. Alanyas visitors always remember to add accessories to their shopping lists. The development in gold and jewellery markets between 1985 to 2000 started to decrease depending on the change of the customers profile. Tourists began to prefer cheaper presents rather than expensive ones. .
It has become more popular to buy or give as a gift these natural, smart and cheap accessories. Visitors adopted this accessory market which enables them to buy little presents for all of their friends for the same price as a golden necklace..
There were not more than ten shops in the early 2000s now it has reached more than 100 accessory shops in Alanya. Sait Yenial, the owner of the Giz Accessories on Atatürk Street since 2003 made these explanations about the accessory market:“ The accessory market with unlimited choices started to extend especially after year 2000. Main styles are in front in this business which enables to transfer any kind of materials into accessories. We can mention Indian, natural stones, night accessories and traditional Turkish accessories as the main styles. There are different designs for the different age groups. Mostly it is adressing women but also it is possible to find various accessories for men. We present different choices for the city men who cares for his appearance.” .
Accessory market seems to become more popular adressing different kind of customer tastes with a wide range of products .