Back in the old days Bodrum’s name was Halikarnassos, and it was an important harbor city. Today, Bodrum is a modern and beautiful city Turkeys answer to the French Riviera.
The castle is majestically situated next to the harbor and gives it a charming atmosphere, which is also the case for the whole city of Bodrum. King Mausoleus mausoleum is just one of the historical sites to visit, and the main street of Bodrum is packed with restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.
When the temperature is rising you can enjoy swimming in the sea, or explore the many exiting places in Bodrum.
Two times during the week, a lively market takes place in Bodrum, and local people arrive from surrounding villages to sell their goods. From Bodrum’s Otogar, you have good bus connections when wanting to visit other parts of Turkey.