This time we will look into something that should seem quite simple - which is the size of a square meter.

Let us first take a look at what Wikipedia has to say related to the subject:
The square metre (British spelling) or square meter (American spelling) is an unit of area... It is defined as the area of a square whose sides measure exactly one metre.

For those who are particularly interested in the subject it is worth noticing that 1m2 equals 0.000001 km2 (square kilometers) or 10.000 cm2 (square centimeters).

A question to which Wikipedia does not answer is what the size of a Turkish square meter is. Because one thing that experience has taught us, is that one (1) European m2 and one (1) Turkish square meter are not equal. This is most obvious when we receive the floor plans for the units we promote. These are often quite exaggerated and often we see 2-bedroom apartments of 150m2. But visiting the apartment in question often reveals another story.
Or to put it another way: The 150m2 apartment turns out to be just 100m2.

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