Turkish real estate vocabulary

Muhtar // Headman

A headman is a state official who is the head of the administration of the villages and local neighborhoods.
Headman are elected by the people living in the neighborhoods and villages for five years.
Headmans can not be a candidate from a political party, but in reality, they are influenced by politics.
Headmans have many essential duties.
- Streets and street signs. Submitting the missing consumer to the municipality
- Identifying those who need help and resolving the necessary situations
- To deliver voter transportation to the public during the election.
- Traffic fines and court documents are delivered to the headman.

The headman are the auxiliary state in direct contact with the people and many of your problems in the neighborhoods or villages; the dimensions are the person.
You can report all your complaints about the neighborhood and village to the headman; he will guide you correctly.