Turkish real estate vocabulary

arsa payi / land share

When more than one unit is build on a plot, the ownership of the plot is divided using "arsa payi // land share".

So when an apartment building of 40 units is constructed, these apartments are all located on the same plot and the ownership of the plot is determined via land share.

The main factor to be considered in the land share is the value of each unit.

As an example, if all 40 apartments are equal in size they will receive an equal share of the plot.

But in case the building consists of 4 commercial units, 4 penthouse units and 32 apartment units, the land share will not be equally divided since commercial units and penthouse units are more valuable than a regular apartment.

Land share is also used for villa complexes where several villas are constructed on a single plot.

The share of the plot that belongs to you can be seen on your title deed.

Please note that all land owned via land share is regarded as common area, and the plot is not divided into small, designated pieces for each owner.