Turkish real estate vocabulary

Aidat / Fee

The payment taken to meet the expenses of the common areas in a building complex is called "aidat". It is usually determined by the yearly general assembly of the complex but also the chairman of the board or the appointed manager of the complex has the right to determine the fee.

Expenses such as caretaker, garden, pool, roof, elevator, repairs and other expenses related to the common areas are all paid from this fee.

The fee is often paid by the owners a whole year in advance, but this is not a requirement. As a minimum monthly payments must be done.

Usualle the amount to be paid is calculated equally for each unit in the complex.

In case the fees are not paid on time the chairman or appointed manager of the complex can initiate a debt collection against the owners.

If possible you should always pay the fees to the bank account of your complex instead of paying cash. In that way there will never be any doubt that payment has been done.