Turkish real estate vocabulary


The Turkish word for VAT (Value Added Tax) is KDV (Katma Değer Vergisi).

There are 3 VAT rates in Turkey: 1%, 8% and 18% where 18% is the most common.

1% VAT is mostly applied on basic food products such as milk, eggs, tea, vegetables and fruits. Basic food products, which previously had a VAT rate of 8%, have recently been reduced to 1% to support the economy and the consumers.

8% VAT rate mostly applied for clothing, beverage and health services.

18% VAT rate is applied for products such as alcohol, electronics, cars and all luxury products.

On the invoice you receive when going shopping the VAT rate is clearly written for each product. Don't forget to ask for an invoice or receipt when going shopping. In that way you can be sure that your purchase is official.