Turkish real estate vocabulary

Vekalet / Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that authorises a person (in legal terms called "attornee") to act on behalf another person (in legal terms called the "principal").

In Turkey a power of attorney is typical used in the following scenarios:
- To authorise a car dealer to buy or sell a car on your behalf
- To allow a lawyer to represent you
- To allow a real estate agent to buy or sell a property on your behalf
The power of attorney can not be given to a company but only to individuals. In other word, you can not give a power of attorney to 2Base Estate Agency, but only to the individuals working for 2Base.

In the power of attorney it must be stated exactly item by item what the attornee can do on behalf of the principal.

The power of attorney is issued at the notary office in Turkey. Power of attorneys issued abroad are accepted, but only if the follow certain guide lines and are legalised with the apostille legislation.

Issuing power of attorneys abroad for use in Turkey is there for a bit tricky. Luckily 2Base have years of experience within this area, which allows us to finalise property sales without either seller or buyer being present in Turkey.